Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear Scarlett, stop it with the growing. Thanks, Mom.

My dearest Scarlett Josephine,
There are a million and a half things that I am behind on today from being sickly, and if I am ignoring those things, it should be to get some much needed sleep.
However, I am having one of those moments.
One of those moments where it hits me, hard, just how fleeting your babyhood is.
As I nurse you back to sleep out on the couch, you startle, sit up, then nod back asleep with your pillowy soft cheek on my shoulder.
I am suddenly stricken by the unfamiliarity of that feeling.
You rarely give me that baby snuggle anymore.
You are much too busy mobilizing, too taxed with examining your world and attempting to disassemble it.
Much too busy for those quiet moments on Mommy's shoulder that we used to enjoy so frequently.
Your sweet, warm, breath is sweet and salty and that sensory intake cues up the day you were born in my mind all over again.
Every time I feel and smell that milky goodness I am reminded of that empowering and beautiful moment.
Sooner than I'll like, less of what you eat will be Mommy's milk and more will be big people food, gradually depriving me of that intoxicating baby potion you breathe on me and replacing it with stale kiddie breath.
I've come to realize just how sacred our nursing relationship is.
I would be a liar if I didn't admit that it gives me a great sense of worth to be everything in your life because of it.
As physically and emotionally taxing as it may be, it is infinitely more rewarding.
At my breast you are nourished, nurtured, comforted, and even taught. It is a special gift that I alone can bestow you, a responsibility that gives me great joy and pride.
We may not share a spoken language yet, but every day we have special conversations.
With our eyes, our smiles, our back and forth.
It makes me happy in a way that you will never know until you nurse babies of your own.
It's seldom easy in the beginning, but don't give up and rob yourself of that. As good as it is for your babies, its equally beneficial to you and the way you feel about yourself and your children.
I have always been close to my own mother, but not until I had babies of my own did I understand the depth of our bond and relationship.
And though it makes my stomach twist to think that before I know it the tables will turn and you will leave me, I am consoled by being able to look forward to the day when you will you nurture your own children, and renewing my bond with you through that experience.
My sweet, sensitive, curious, inquisitive, cheerful little cherub- I love you so much.
Never forget how special and beautiful and unique you are.
Your purpose and your gifts are limitless and without measure.
The Lord made you with such care, and I am so honored to be custodian of such a life.
Sleep sweet, angel.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where are you, Christmas?

Poor Tenley. She misses Christmas. Today when I was fixing her hair to go play at the mall she asked, "Go to small? ((small is the mall in Tenish)) Go to small an see SanTA?!"
Then on the way to the mall I was talking to my Mom and Tenley starts singing at the top of her lungs "Holly Jolly, Christmas" and "O Holy Night" only she says "Holly Jolly Niiiiiiight" instead. Some other misheard lyrics by Tenley include "Ho, Ho, It's Mr No, hung where you can't see".

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to Mommy dos

Mommy got a JoTote for Christmas. It's a purse. It's a camera bag. Point is, it is ONE BAG! It keeps my camera safe and I still have room for my purse-ly things and a couple diapers and wipes. And it's adorable. I love her. I shall give her a name. Any ideas?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to Mommy

Best Christmas present ever, little miss "I have to sleep in your bed and put my little feet on you but don't cuddle me" baby is sleeping in the nook of my arm- snuggled into my chest :)
There's nothin better

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fix it Friday

I've started to follow/join a photography blog that helps people develop their photography and editing skills. Every Friday they put up a picture and some tips and everyone edits the same picture and posts links to their edits on their blogs. This is this weeks Fix it Friday for me!

sample image:

my edits:

Santa has a bed time

Apparently, Santa does not stay up as long as the mall stays open. Who knew? Got Tenley and Scarlett all dressed up in their Santa outfits from Grandma Kirsten, but at eight o'clock when we finally got to the Tucson Mall...Santa was no where to be found. Sad day.

However, the night was not a total loss. I managed to get three stocking stuffers, three gifts, matching Christmas Eve PJ's for the girls, and a Christmas Mickey and Minnie cookie plate all for under thirty eight bucks including tax. Can't beat that! Thank you, recession sales! Plus I got a really cute picture of Jon and Tenley that I will post later.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handy Helpers

We've had a lot of help unpacking!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

sleeping in

Im failing miserably at my 365 project. Its quickly becoming my 41 project.
Here's one that I just finished that I took when I first got my very own not borrowed big girl camera.