Friday, January 7, 2011

drooling over costco

Yesterday's shenanigans.
You know you have officially graduated to domesticated and boring
when clipping your costco coupons and going bulk shopping with your kids and hubby gets you really excited.
too bad I don't care, because I'm saving a crapload this trip.

Of course Tenley got worked up on the drive over screaming for costco hot dogs, 
and tuckered herself out.
 notice the drool.

:::::Date night <3::::

Yummy hubby and I are going on a date.
We never realize that we are overdue for one until we are at each other's throats.
Going to see Little Fockers, which is hilarious. 
I've seen it already with my mom and sis without him, a marital transgression for which I've yet to be forgiven.
Hopefully after tonight, he'll be quiet about it. 
Love that man.


  1. I love Costco too! When I found out they started accepting EBT I got a membership and starting saving like a mad woman!
    P.S. Your photog skillz have gotten awesome!!!! Great pics M'Dear