Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My blabbering that was too long for facebook: Waldorf

I was so in love with Greenfields Day School's philosophy on holistic style education and their positive approach, but it's just not in the cards for Tenley next year. The sweetest kinder teacher in the world there, Mrs Freiberger (who's specialty is child development and non traditional education) evaluated Tenley and thinks that the curriculum for kinder at Greenfields is too academic heavy for Tenley, as she believes it is for many or most five year olds. I have to agree with her. I've been skeptical of the western education model for some time. I don't feel like segmented and rigid learning of academic subjects sets a five year old up to be successful later in life. It feels stifling to me. The most important skills needed for that kind of thinking and comprehension are not yet fully developed for most of the five year old population.
While I was crying wondering what the absolute best thing for Tenley for this very important time in her life, she looks at me and says "watch Tenley playing. She is meticulous and smart and deliberate, this is really beautiful, this is learning. Please, please don't take this away from her. This is her building skills to be successful. Give her the gift of time." So then, I really cried. lol. She was right. She suggested a Waldorf school, because of their skills and arts based holistic approach. I've been deep in research on Waldorf and have to say I really love it. I think it's the absolute BEST thing for Tenley. We have a tour on Friday, and I'm really excited! I'm excited that I won't have to worry about Tenley getting shoved into a box that she doesn't fit in because she is different. She's special, and not in a handicapped way, she has special talents that she will give to the world one day if we are just wise enough to nurture and not stifle them.

Oh, and we still have to go through admissions, but private education costs a pretty penny. Luckily, the Arizona Waldorf School Foundation uses donated tax credits to help fund tuition for families like ours. Please donate free money that you owe the state or will get back anyway to Waldorf in Tenley's name! Here's how:

Here's a video about Waldorf, it really inspired me! (at about minute ten I really related)