Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expose Yourself: Day One

I failed to do the last expose yourself project, but the second one has started and this time I managed to start.
Two hours after midnight of the first day.
Shut up, I'm a procrastinator. 
You know it and love me anyway.

"My Style"
I have no idea what my style is. In life. In fashion. In photography.
Who knows.
So I picked an image I took from my first few months with my SLR.
I don't know why I love it so much.
I just do.
My style: Indefinable.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bee Doop Bee Doop, Santa Baby...

Anyone else secretly writing to Santa now that Thanksgiving is over?
Wanna know what?
I think Santa has a Pinterest account.
Lucky for him, I've made it easy and have been pinning my favorite things.


I really want to slim down and wear more dresses. I've realized that with a pair of leggings, it's SO much more comfortable than jeans. And cuter. And when I feel cute, I'm more productive. So there you go. A two hundred dollar dress from Anthropologie totally justified.

Also from Anthropologie, but more affordable! I really need an apron, I always soak my front doing dishes and wipe my hands on the hips of my pants when I cook :)

Who doesn't need riding boots?

Picture frames from Organic Bloom. I LOVE THESE FRAMES! They are only vended through portrait photogs and I'm considering becoming a vendor and adding them to my 2012 photog biz rollout!

I want to start experimenting with off camera flash. I need one of these bad boys. They need to be five dollars. Not two hundred. Then I could have one.

I need a camera purse that can **safely** carry my personal things and my camera gear. I asked Santa for a JoTote camera purse last year as it was the least expensive of the cam gear purses. Well, there is a reason it is inexpensive. I should have read a few reviews before submitting my request to St. Nick. It falls apart and does not protect your gear.
Time to invest in the Coach bag of Camera handbags...Kelly Moore :)
Now, do I want the 2 Sues or the Mimi?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday to me means I'm catching up on my DISASTER of a home before I'm allowed to put up any Christmas decorations! :)

On a happy note, yesterday was the first day I've ever baked ANYTHING from scratch that didn't need to be thrown out. I made a healthy pumpkin chocolate pizookie (kind of like a pie, a deep dish cookie/pizza)  from the blog Chocolate Covered Katie. TO DIE! So good!

Pro tip:
Don't leave your back of chocolate chips near the stove while you're preheating the oven unless you want fudge sauce.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I need/want to learn to sew! Right after I start/finish my expose yourself project :)
Of my one or two readers, who sews?
Do you actually make cute little dresses and such or is it more of a hassle than it's worth?


I ACTUALLY acted on an idea I found on pinterest. 

It was soaking apple slices in lemon lime soda or ginger ale (has to ACTUALLY have lemon, lime, or ginger in it) to replicate the preservative effect of the prepackaged slices so you can make your OWN ready to go packets of apple slices.


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Any time I have a thought fly through my mind that I may want more children in the future,
someone immediately gets poop stuck/smeared in a place in the house where there should never be poop.
The cleanup is so complex, it's almost if it were a trick designed by the Maker Himself.
And then I remember, 
raising babes and tots is about, 
more than anything else,

...wrangling with poop.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School Girl

Tenley is doing so well in school and she is so proud of herself, which makes my heart glad.
We taped up one of her little art projects to the cabinet and now whenever she passes it she says,
"Look! Iss my very fayforite star! See?"
So cute.