Monday, January 31, 2011

People’s Choice Photo Challenge | Best Face Photo in January

This is a people's choice contest! Pass the link along and vote for me, beginning tomorrow @!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I don't know whether or not my post is appropriately titled, but I love that word.

Baby Scarlett was asleep from 11:30pm-1:30am. Apparently that's enough sleep. At 4:13 she is finally now asleep again.
I ought to sleep too.
She's just sleeping in the cutest snuggle with me, forehead on my chest, head resting in the nook between my shoulder and elbow, balled up fists clasping each other, short soft legs curled up against my tummy.
It is so sweet it's making my chest ache.
I am sooo sleepy but don't want to shut my eyes. I'm afraid when I open them I will be at her high school graduation.

Sweet sleeping Angel, be my curious little bear forever. Don't grow older. Im begging you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The best barbers in town: Casa Blanca Barber Shop

In the future I want to make a photo blog post about the awesome ladies at Casa Blanca, but for now I'll post the pics I snapped real quick while my husband was getting his hair cut.

 PS, the lovely lady cutting his hair is Jonathon's gramma. 

Casa Blanca Barber Shop
6044 North Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85704-5310
(520) 297-4875
(In the courtyard behind Putney's) 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fix it friday: my edits, not my pictures

Original image straight out of the camera:

This is my edited version of that image:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

champagne on a beer budget

So I'm biting the bullet and getting my sad eyeglass prescription updated and am
actually going to start wearing glasses.

It's either that or I'm going to have massive wrinkles at age thirty from squinting.
I'm at that annoying stage where, there's almost nothing that I can't read without glasses, but as time goes by trying to becomes increasingly irritating.

So what do I do?
In an attempt to console myself over my loss of glassless (is that an actual term?)
freedom,  I started window shopping for cute frames online and found these:

I do not feel consoled. 

I do not have the budget for Tiffany & Co.

I have the budget for WalMart, maybe.
Bah! (bangs head on keyboard)

I think every Momma should get to feel glamorous in Tiffany.

It would certainly glam up the various stains I acquire on my clothing 
throughout the day, courtesy of my darling children.

If you agree, I'll email you my PayPal info and you can go ahead and donate to the Lazy Mom.

Thanks in advance.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Wonderland: I heart faces

Every Monday the iHeartFaces group hosts a photo challenge.
This weeks theme is Winter Wonderland, must be wintery theme and have a human face in it.
Such a big helper with the lights!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

fix it Ftiday: my edits, not my images

Original unedited image, straight out of the camera

the image after I edited it

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stay tuned

As a Disney freak and someone who manages to make it to Disneyland on a regular basis on a poor person's budget, I get the question all the time: How can you afford it?
Well, it requires a lot of planning and research and planning on my part and I'm prepared to impart my wisdom upon  you. If there is anyone you know please direct them to my blog and tell them to click "follow". I'll publish my secrets (though they aren't so much secrets as a result of my experience) when I hit 50 "followers". 
I want to make the time I'll put into the post worth it. 

Here is a recent picture of Tenley playing in the Tomorrow Land fountain at Disneyland Park.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh, no?
Oh, yes!
Ladies and Gents, I've got...

I know what you're all thinking, but before you judge me-
I can't help it! 
The heart wants what the heart wants!
I know, I've got a superb one at home that isn't even that old.
And we do wonderfully together, I love the one I have.
But I have a deep and powerful longing for something more.
As much as I love mine (which is to say, A LOT),
I want more. 
I am lustful over this fixation of mine, and I wont lie- I like it.
I am guilty of becoming a seriously covetous woman.
I've made my piece peace with that.
(Good grief, Jacque. Piece of what?) 

Phew! I feel better for having said that.
Meet the object of my affections, my lust worthy future full-time companion...

Of course, that's after I have this:

and purchase these...

but before any of it I have to fall on a big fat heaping pile of this:

Oh well....some day....

by the way, as the self proclaimed expert on Disneyland vacationing, especially while sticking to a low income budget...I want to publish a post about doing Disney on a Dime or something of the like.

But I need more followers. 
Or else I'm just embarrassing myself.
Invite your friends!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 4th was all about Tenley

My Gooperpea turned three on the 4th
Even though Tenley does not understand
what the heck a birthday is,
(when asked how old she was, she replied "Santa")
I decided that I would honor it anyway and let her choose activities for the day.

First on a three year old's birthday agenda:
Woodoff The Wed Nose Waindeeow
I kid you not, that's what she wanted to do: watch Rudolph.
(Three year olds understand neither that Christmas goes away on the 26th,  
nor that Rudolph and Santa and the like go with it)
She was allowed to invite a guest to her movie.
She invited Baby. 
No. Not her sister. Her baby doll.
Whose name is Baby.
I've tried to push her to be more inventive, but she is very firm in her choice, it's name is Baby.
According to the pronoun she uses, I would venture to say it's a girl, although she refers to her often as:
" lil fella"
I've gone on a tangent, 
I'll circle back.

Baby needed to get comfortable for her cinematic experience.
Tenley is a thoughtful mom and provided Baby with a blanket and a gentle tucking in.
 What a nice Momma

Ten noticed that Baby was having a hard time watching the movie from the floor,
so she gave her a better view.
and a "sthnack"

Then she gets to open her present that Daddy picked out for her himself.
You won't be able to see, but it's more Fisher Price Little People.
These things have literally taken over our lives.
As sick as I am of the fracking Little People, they've really been helping Tenley. All of this hyper drive pretending is really building her language.

Birthday Breakfast
Growing up, on our birthdays my Mom always made my sister and I strawberry waffles/pancakes with powdered sugar before school. 
To this day I schlep over to my Mommy's in the early A.M. on my birthday for breakfast.
I wanted to carry on the tradition for my girls too, so I made Tenley banana batter waffles in the Disney Princess waffle maker with strawberries and powdered sugar.
I'm not gonna lie, they were muy delish.

Tenley really enjoyed them too :)

Cuisine of choice
Tenley wanted to go have McDonald's for her dinner and pway on the pwaygwound.
She was very disappointed when we arrived at eight P.M. and there were no other children there.
Broken hearted she yelled "Where da kidsth, Mom?! Where are day?"
It's a good thing Auntie Carly was there to save the day. 

On Sunday we are having a family dinner.
Because, she isn't confused enough yet.

Friday, January 7, 2011

drooling over costco

Yesterday's shenanigans.
You know you have officially graduated to domesticated and boring
when clipping your costco coupons and going bulk shopping with your kids and hubby gets you really excited.
too bad I don't care, because I'm saving a crapload this trip.

Of course Tenley got worked up on the drive over screaming for costco hot dogs, 
and tuckered herself out.
 notice the drool.

:::::Date night <3::::

Yummy hubby and I are going on a date.
We never realize that we are overdue for one until we are at each other's throats.
Going to see Little Fockers, which is hilarious. 
I've seen it already with my mom and sis without him, a marital transgression for which I've yet to be forgiven.
Hopefully after tonight, he'll be quiet about it. 
Love that man.

Card for my mommy :)

Playing around with creating my own photoshop card templates.
Much more of an undertaking than I thought, and not at all coming out the way I want.
Nevertheless, here is my silly get well card.



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In the new year, I resolve to... [take one]

Notice how craftily I avoided the word "resolution"? Or maybe it wasn't so crafty...since I... just... mentioned it...
Any how, I resolve to blog more, and use facebook less
Blogging is more personal and affords me an unlimited amount of characters that FB doesn't, so that I may be as obnoxious and long winded as I like. 
I hate being stifled when I have something snarky and completely unimportant to say.

if you know me at all,
you are probably familiar with my embarrassingly intense love of all things Disney. 
Especially Disneyland
(really any Disney Park)
[[cue the cliche angelic chorus of vibrato laden "aaaah" in synchronization with the picture above]]

that being said, of course I found this article of interest:
I find the allegation both hilarious on account of its sheer ridiculousness, and embarrassing to the human race and our country's legal system- as yesterday the case was given the go ahead to be heard in court.
Take a look at this excerpt I pulled from the article:
this is from a woman who claimed that in 2008, 
that Donald Duck (yes, the costumed character at Disney's Epcot in Florida)  
committed a boob graze while signing her autograph...
unable to work?
injuries of an unknown nature?!
I think I may be able to help identify these mysterious injuries.
I believe the technical term for such afflictions is called buffoonery.
Meaning, injuries that are complete and fabricated horse $#!+

Seriously? Apparently those void of brains and moral integrity will go after anyone with deep pockets for any reason they can possibly come up with that might hold in court. 
This is not a new trend, however,
it just caught my attention because it involves Disney. 

Any thoughts?


motivation, thou art a heartless [bleep]

Running shoes: check
Sports bra: check
excuses to delay jogging: abundant 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Silly Pickle...

Tenley will be THREE years old at 2:09am.
I still have this image in my mind, 
she is six months old, 
in the rocker with me in her pink and yellow nursery at our townhouse,
her pillowy fat cheek snuggled and sleeping on my left shoulder. 
I remember thinking that I couldn't possibly imagine this cherub as a young girl and not a babe in arms, 
but still I knew that the next time I blinked my eyes... she likely would be. 
I knew what was to come,
so I froze that moment in my mind. 
No matter how old you get, 
my silly pickle
you will always be my chubby, butterball, baby girl.
I love you, Princess.
Thank you for showing me how to be a mother.

...aka .Mommy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bath Time

They are so cute in the bath tub.
I wish I got as excited about my daily to dos as they get about water in the tub.
It's the most fascinating and allusive thing to babies and tots.

Loving these lazy moments just watching my kids play in the water.
Little joys, big love.