Friday, April 26, 2013

Life. Currently.

Being a lazy person at heart is really starting to make me a crazy person, so I'm going to start to try and introduce more  (:::GASP!:::) structure into my (our) lives. I'm not sure anyone will read this, or if anyone would care to know at all (probably not), but I'm going to document a few goals so that maybe I feel accountable to cyberland in keeping them.

I want to study to be a good musician, a vocalist. It's really very important to me. I also need to brush up on the basics of dance and acting for the theater, because these days it's kind of a package deal to be on stage. A few problems though. ...

  • A) It's of little value to my family until maybe I learn to play the piano better and can teach my children. I really REALLY want to be a more present parent.
  • B) I'm starting over late in the game (I'm... a certain undisclosed number of years older than your average undergad) and don't have the same amount of undivided time available to me to rehearse and practice and study. Which kind of sucks.
  • and 
  • C) the most compounding factor in this dreams-seem-unachievable sandwhich: I have APPALLING time management skills. 
I also want to keep fresh in photography, I feel pretty passionate about artistic documentation of life. Hopefully this is a hobby that benefits our family as I do earn a decent side dollar every now and then and have volumes of fleeting moments with our kids documented on camera.

I also want to be healthy (er, healthiER, let's be real I won't be able to leave junk food and nappy time attitude completely) and I feel like that will benefit the whole fandamily. They eat their veggies but they (I include my husband in this) are addicted to eating mountains of breakfast cereal and drinking gallons of milk everyday.

So, goals? All boil down to managing my time more effectively to be a better and more present parent to my adorably maddening mischievous offspring while also feeling fulfilled personally (as if that's not a universal goal for parents everywhere). We'll see how I do.

By the way, I like to use parentheticals as my own little blog cartoon thought bubble. Get used to it. I also like to blog about really random things. This is mostly a public journal, I don't really care if you read it. :)

Also, someone take me to New York to see this show.